Rukmini Dwadashi Celebration

“utsava-priyā mānavāḥ” - People like the festivals. We are inherently attracted to festivals because every day in the spiritual world is a festival, every step a dance, every word a song. As Krishna-janmastami is the significant festival for Vrindavan and Goura-Purnima for the Mayapur, so is the Rukmini-Dwadashi for Amravati.

From last 17 years, Rukmini Dwadashi has become the undividable part of our life and soul. This year the real festival began with the śravaṇam. HG Anantsesa Prabhuji conducted a 3-day katha session and everything turned into spiritual.

On the day of Rukmini-Dwadashi, the outfit of Their Lordships Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish was a never before experience. Dwarkadhish was in the mood of Dwarka and Rukmini Maharani – the Goddess of Fortune held a beautiful crown.

The festival inaugurated in the evening with a loud Sankirtan and Maha-abhishek of Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish.The BPS kids were eager for the performance on the pastimes of Lord which entertained the audience a lot. Then there came an enlightening discourse by HG Anantsesa Prabhuji. Raising the fever of festival he quoted: “Rukmini Dwadashi is the unique festival of Amravati. I think in the entire universe only Amravati and Kaundanyapur have the monopoly of Rukmini-Dwadashi celebration.” And the atmosphere broke into –
Hari Bol ! Hari Bol !! Hari Bol !!!

The festival was at its apex and no one was in the mood to stop but due to limited time we proceeded with "mahāprasāde Govinde…..‟. The devotees from different places like Nagpur, Wardha, Pune, Satara, Jalgaon were with us. Around 2-3 thousands of souls proved fortunate to get the blessings of Rukmini Maharani.

May the Goddess of Fortune, Rukmini Maiyaa bless everyone!

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